Social media platforms.I think everyone can earn money online by doing

a bit hardwork. I think a student, a housewife and many other people should

Earn money through social media.There are a lot of methods to earn online.

It is not difficult to earn online but it is a little bit tricky.You only need a laptop

and a internet connection and you can start your online carear.I will discuss here

Some methods of online earning.




You have to create a youtube channel first.Then you have to create an intresting

And good content.You should create content according to public demand.I Personally suggest you to create videos on demanding and trending topics.If you have have 1000

Subscribers and 4000 watch time hours then youtube will monetize your channel.

After monetization, you can start earning from youtube by uploading videos.your

Earning depends on views on your can earn upto 1000 dollars per month.

I suggest you to make a gaming or vloging channel.You can also earn by advertisement

Of different brands.I Hope you understood the whole process.Thanks for reading.




Firstly, you have to create an account on fiver. Then you have to write the skill you have on your account. For example if you can edit video you have to write video editor. Then the customers will come to your account and give you the task. You have to complete the task in the given days. When you will complete your task you will automatically get paid by the fiver. There is no chance for scam because fibre gets money advance from customers. The fibre takes 20% from the full payment and give you 80%. For example if the customer pays $10 the fibre will take to Dollars and give you $8. If you have any skill you should join fibre you can get a good income from fiver. If you are a student I suggest you that you should join fibre and get a side income.


The founder of Amazon Jeff bezos founded the Amazon in Washington on 5 July 1994. Basically Amazon is an American company which gave rise to digital marketing and e-commerce. You can earn a big amount of money by investing  less  money on Amazon by Drop shipping. You can also earn money on Amazon by affiliate marketing. You can also earn money from Amazon by making your own brand. You can earn $3000 to $4000 per month there are also many other companies like shopify Walmart eBay but in my opinion Amazon is the best application for online shopping. I suggest that you should create an account on Amazon and you should start earning from Amazon because there is no qualification needed there is no age limit for earning from Amazon. Amazon has made many people Millionaire and billionaire at their young age. In Pakistan now you can add your business name to Amazon seller list in Pakistan. I am very happy to tell you that now you can create a Pakistani account on Amazon very easily  and simply. I hope so you understood the whole process of earning from Amazon.



I think blogging is an easy and simple way to earn online money. In my opinion blogging is a name of writing content in articles on demanding topics for public. I am going to explain the whole process of blongging. First of all you have to find a profitable niche.Profitable niches are those that have a large and engaged audience. Now you have to select a domain name and get online. Now you have to make a logo and icon for your blog. Then design and optimise your blog. You should get on a schedule. You can promote And advertisie your blog.



1__You can get money by running ads on your blog.

2__You can earn money by doing affiliate marketing.

3__You can sell your own Brand’s products on your blog.

4__You can sell your services on your blog.

5__You can use your blog for your institute.

6__You can get money from different brands by making partnership with them.

7__You can earn money by advertising different brands on your blog.



You can earn upto $2000 to $3000 per month by blogging.I think blogging is best side income source for students and housewives.I suggest you to start blogging from today.


I am very happy that you are thinking of online earning.I am going to tell you that making money from Facebook is very easy and simple.Many people in the world are earning a very good amount through Facebook.You can also earn through Facebook by following some simple ways.I am here to explain you the methods of earning money from Facebook.

Firstly, you have to create an account on Facebook.You have to give your basic information to Facebook.Dont worry your data will be safe on Facebook.After creating the account,you have to start creating content.Your Facebook page will be monetized when you will get 10,000 followers on Facebook.Then,you officially get paid for your content.Your earning depends on views on your videos or posts.


How To Get Money From Facebook:


1__You can get money by uploading content on your page.

2__You can also earn money by advertising different brands.

3__You can start your new brand and can grow your audience and customers through Facebook.

4__You can earn money by making partnership with different brands.

5__You can earn money by selling your services on Facebook.

6__You can earn money by Marketplace on Facebook.

7__ You can earn money by digital marketing on Facebook.


I think earning on Facebook is very simple and easy.It may take some time but you should be consistence.If you do hard work you can earn huge amount of money from Facebook.I suggest you that if you are are a student and house wife you must start earning from Facebook.If you are looking for a side income source than i will suggest you to start creating content on Facebook.I will be happy if you are going to start earning from Facebook.Remember me in your prayers.

















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